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It is a wise to make evening restaurant reservations in advance especially during the busy times.

Try to avoid buying a ski lift ticket as a walk-up, the price is nuts if you do that.   Go on line to save $30 or more per person per day at   Also, read the fine print carefully for the 2020-2021 season - due to Covid - at start of the season you must register in advance to ski.

In case you are planning to ship your ski gear to our place, there are employees there who will receive and store it.  The address and unit number are shown below and the phone number for reception/concierge is (970) 754-2332.  Working at that desk is Dave (GM), Cheryl, Todd and Greg.  During high season they are there 7 days a week during business hours and in off season only week days.   It is possible they may need some confirmation from A or G and I am not sure if they have a storage area or if the only option is to put your gear into our place.   The first pioneers of doing this need to coordinate with A or G but there is definitely an easy way to make it happen.

Arrival Day

Address for GPS: 180 Daybreak Ridge Road, Avon CO 81620

We are in Condo #202.  There is a front desk in the Condo building but usually only open from 8-6


Check Colorado Department of Transportation - link on home page - for up to date coverage of road closures related to weather or natural disasters.  Wild stuff happens out here.   Don't be caught off guard.  When arriving about 1+ mile before the condo is a security gate.   You can always tell them you are a guests at Snowcloud 202 and they will let you in.


There is one parking spot in the building permitted per condo and it is a mix of assigned spots and not assigned spots.  As we will often leave a car there - check with us in advance if you can park in the building.  The parking garage is under the building just before the main entrance - although parking in both garages is permitted, garage "P2" is closest and best.  Enter the code followed by # to get in.  Once a second car arrives, park about 1-1/2 miles short of the Condo in the Wolf lot and call up for a ride to the Condo.  Parking there is free.  In case no one is at the Condo to get you, I believe there are shuttles from the lot to the building - but also please check with us in advance.   Never lug gear/bags from the remote lot.   If parking in remote lot, pull up to condo main entrance and leave your car there for 15 minutes while you move stuff into the condo.    Then move your car.   In non-busy times, you can leave a second car in the garage for the first night while you get settled and figure it all out.  Long story short: check with us. 

Condo doors and garage have a digital numbered lock system and we will give you the code prior to arrival.


If we organized your arrival correctly, the temperature on thermostat is raised by condo staff before your arrival.   Anyway, condo rules are that lowest allowed setting is 65F when condo is empty.   If not liking the temperature on arrival, see other tab of this web site for temp controller help video.


Stop in Avon or Edwards at the market to stock up on food but remember that any alcohol bought in such supermarkets is lower alcohol - so buy your booze at one of the many liquor stores.  Go see my friend Danny at Joe's Liquor which is the closest booze store.   1060 W Beaver Creek Blvd, Avon, CO 8162.  For a small quick market buy go to Village Market in Edwards at 34295 US-6, Edwards, CO 81632.   For the bigger commitment and more options go to City Market in Avon located at 72 Beaver Creek Pl, Avon, CO 81620.  


Free Shuttle Service


Download App 'Beaver Creek Village Connect' for current free shuttle service information.  As example, if you have a 9am Ski Lesson starting at Beaver Creek Base, jump in the free shuttle at 8:30 to get there.   Planning on having a few extra during dinner at Vista in Arrowhead, the shuttle is there for you.   Or hiking the Village to Village trail from our place to Arrowhead or Beaver Creek, consider taking the free shuttle back.   Watch the App for new Covid rules.   

During Your Stay

Get to know the staff while there.   They are very helpful and we strongly suggest you get to know them by name.   As of Fall 2020 they are: David TerBush (General Manager), Todd (knows alot about hiking trails), Cheryl (She has the scoop) and Greg (he is the condo whisperer).   Of course these people may change over time.   

The Condo is on level 2.   Main entrance is Level 3.   On level 3 near the lobby is the ski gear storage lockers with same code for everything.   All skis / boots should stay there.   Walk from the locker about 50 ft to get outside and then ski another 100 ft to get on to the lift.  This door on Level 3 will be the main entrance/exit during ski season.      


Mi casa, su casa.  Yes, feel free to use our stuff.   Laundry detergent.   Booze.   First Aid Kit.  But if you drain all the Titos in the condo, please replace and top it off for the next guest.     

Something breaks.   All good - but please tell us so we can arrange the fix.   There are peeps in the facility who fix about anything at $55/hr. 

Hot tub is also off the lobby.  They provide towels there for you.   Please avoid bringing our glassware there.  You know the drill.   Bathrooms are also right there off the lobby.

Departure Day


If you are a Condo guest and one of the hosts is not with you then below is a departure check list to follow.

  1. To make this a guilt-free experience, we will have the condo do a thorough condo clean after you depart.   We know the hourly cost but we do not yet have the routine for this and assume it is likely in the $100-175 range.   They do it all, you simply walk out the door.  We will let you know the cost as there is no way for you to pay it - direct billing only.   

  2. Ok to leave behind packaged food that has not been opened.   Breads and other freezable items welcome to be kept but please place in the freezer.    Any open foods, fruits, vegetables, etc.... need to be thrown out.   OK to run the dishwasher as your last parting goodbye gesture as the cleaning service will put it all away.   

  3. Garbage and recycle is in the garage.  Exit 202 front door, and go right there down elevator or stairs to P2.   Small green bins are mixed recycle while the large one is garbage.   

  4. Windows closed, lights off please.  

  5. If feeling motivated, the 3 thermostats can be lowered to 65F at all times of day.  If not motivated - OK - the condo staff will take care of it.   Also - there is a floor heating system in the master bathroom.  Please avoid messing with that controller which is in the master bath.

  6. If you used the key in the front door lock box, be sure it is returned there for the next guest.   


Three Critically Important Points:

1) Send A&G some Photos after you leave

2) If you really enjoyed an event, hike or anything else, please share with us

3) Have fun !!!

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